Short stay

Did you book a holiday trip?
Or plan a house-moving?
Do you have to leave your house for a while by force?

Please make sure that your cat can stay at a place where he/she feels as comfortable as possible, and where he/she is taken care of just like at home.

We consider a ’short stay’: from one night to 2 months.

lapjeskat in zijn eigen huisje
Grijze kat pension voor katten
in mijn eigen mand op mijn eigen kamer in Pension de Kattenboom

Long stay

Are you planning a long trip abroad? Or does your employer want to send you abroad for a couple of months?

At ’de Kattenboom’ we‘ll see to it that your cat will feel as comfortable as possible, also for a long stay.

Our inside runs are centrally heated and airconditioned. The outside playgrounds are playfully furnished with chairs, benches, tree-trunks, scratching-poles and toys.

We consider a ’long stay’: from 2 months to …

We‘d like to invite you to visit our cattery to discuss various possibilities.